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When it comes to Fishing Oregon, there are several species and areas fishing enthusiasts can come to catch fish. Without a doubt the most sought-after species when fishing Oregon is Salmon.

Oregon is home two five species of salmon. There are several opportunities to catch these species in both saltwater and freshwater areas. Due to the healthy salmon populations, anglers come from around the country to fish Oregon waters.

Among these beautiful fish are:


Salmon Fishing in Oregon


Chinook Salmon

This is the largest of the species with fishing reaching as large as 80lbs. Oregon anglers fish for chinook in both the spring and the fall.

Coho Salmon

Coho are prized for not only being an aggressive and hard fighting salmon they are also among the best eating. Unlike chinook, coho can be caught in shallow waters making them a very popular target for bank fishing anglers. Coho primarily runs in the fall and are targeted from late August to late October.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon are primarily caught in the Columbia River system when fishing in Oregon. They are also considered among the best eating of the species, Sockeye salmon can be caught in July and run through late August. Sockeye are also the smaller of the species ranging around 5-6 lbs. on average.

Pink Salmon

Pink salmon are not as popular for the dinner table but are among the most caught species in Oregon. This is largely due to their significant presence in both slat and freshwater estuaries in the state.

Chum Salmon

Chum are probably the least desirable of the salmon species with season generally in the late fall and dieing out around the end of November.


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