Elk Hunting in Oregon

Elk Hunting in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Game issue approximately 60,000 Elk tags per year. Elk are among the most sought after big game in the state of Oregon second only to deer.

Oregon offers rifle, archery and muzzleloader hunts with some special hunts just for youth (age 17 and under).

  • Rifle hunting is general season in western Oregon for the most part, except for some coastal units where it’s controlled hunting. There is one week-long general season hunt with a spike only bag limit in parts of NE Oregon (Rocky Mt Elk 2nd season), but remaining eastern Oregon seasons are controlled. All the general rile elk seasons take place in October and November.
  • Archery elk hunting is general season nearly statewide and coincides with general archery deer season. The bag limit is “one elk” in many units. It opens on a Saturday in late August and runs 30 days, ending on a Sunday in late September. Some controlled archery hunts are also available.
  • Muzzleloader controlled hunts are available.
  • Premium Elk Hunt is available in almost all wildlife management units. Hunters who draw this special tag can hunt Sept. 1-Nov. 30. More info

Applications for controlled hunts are due by May 15.  Elk tags must be purchased no later than the day before the hunt begins.


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